About Us

About Peterson Farms Companies

Peterson Farms Fresh, Inc.

A state of the art fruit processing company focusing on the production of fresh-cut apples, producing 45 million pounds annually. Established in 2004.

Peterson Farms, Inc.

Peterson Farms began processing tart cherries off our own farms in 1984. Our growth over the past years now allows us to market over 150 million pounds of frozen fruits each year along with 7 million gallons of single strength apple juice/cider and juice concentrates.

Oceana County Freezer Storage, Inc.

Our 160 million pound entirely racked freezer storage is ultra-modern and totally computerized. Oceana Freezer, primarily used by Peterson Farms, is also a storage and distribution center for other West Michigan processors and is conveniently located at the Shelby Exit off US-31.

Peterson Farms Trucking, Inc.

Our trucking fleet ensures on-time shipments to our customers.